Answers to some common questions.

How does Saza save my private key?

Saza uses the Ionic storage module to store secret keys and other app data in any of the available engines: sqlite, indexeddb, websql or localstorage locally on your device. Regardless of which engine, the secret keys are always encrypted with password-based key derived from a PBKDF2 as implemented in the forge module. The only time a secret key is displayed as plain text is when generating a new wallet and when viewing it on the manage accounts page.

How many Stellar accounts can my wallet save?

As many as you like.

Are there transaction fees?

The network transaction fees apply. Saza does not charge you any extra for submitting transactions to the network

What is a federated address?

The Stellar federation protocol maps Stellar addresses to more information about a given user. It’s a way for Stellar client software to resolve email-like addresses such as name*yourdomain.com into account IDs like: GCCVPYFOHY7ZB7557JKENAX62LUAPLMGIWNZJAFV2MITK6T32V37KEJU. Read more here

How do I switch networks

You can switch between public and test networks by dowing the following:

  • Open the menu and scroll to the bottom

  • Click on "PUBNET": for public network

  • Click on "TESTNET": for test network

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